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Frequently Asked Questions

ZION Philippines maintains a smooth flow of transactions in its online store. To provide the best services that the company wants to provide to the customers, we provide terms and conditions where all of the concerns of the clients regarding the products are listed. Hence, this page serves as the most frequent request to the management, which can help to solve your concern.
Unfortunately, if your concern was not listed in our terms and conditions or in FAQs, you can send a message to customer care to accommodate you.

Are there extra charges in my order?

The extra charges in your order depend on the address of the delivery. The delivery addresses inside Metro Manila and other selected parts of Luzon are covered with free shipping. Other places that are not mentioned will have extra charges in terms of shipping fees and they will be tagged on your online receipt once you place your order.

If I placed my order online, how long would it take to be delivered?

When you place your order online, the seller will automatically post the delivery date of your order. It will take a couple of days to weeks. Once the delivery team will deliver your order they will contact you with the details that you provide.

How can I track my order?

In tracking your order, the ZION delivery team will contact you once they are on their way to deliver the product. You can also send a message to our customer service if you want an update.

Do you offer installments?

We offer installments for Visa and MasterCard holders. The installment can be 6 months up to 12 months of payment.

What will I do if there is a malfunction or there's a need to repair my unit?

If there is a malfunction or there’s a need to repair in your unit, report it as soon as possible to customer service. Contact us on the information provided on the website and wait until your concern has been responded to. The management will get in touch with you and ask for the details of your concern. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions on the website to have further information.

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