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Our care in comfort was established in 2020 as ZION Soothing Haven Inc. We first started as ZION Furniture Home and Office Décor Trading. With a focus on ZION Massage Chairs and ZION Recliners, the business took off and was quickly recognized for its affordable but highest-quality products. Aside from being a provider of quality massage devices, and spring luxurious moments the company also opened ZION Spa and Wellness, another extension of the company’s devotion to relaxing, style fitness, and soothing services.

Client Centricity

We believe that our clients are the heart of every business. Serving our client’s needs is our top priority, and every team member should have an attitude that is client-friendly.

Word of Honor

At the center of all relationships, it is important all agreements are met with integrity. We commit to delivering our promise to our clients in terms of quality, delivery, and total client experience.

Unbounded Goal

Mindset is fundamental to the limits of all businesses. One sets one’s own limits. We aim to serve what is best for our client’s health and wellness, and we act accordingly.

Global Excellence

It is essential to be the best at what we do, as this impacts directly how we serve our clients. Continuous improvement through data analysis based on trends and customer feedback is important. 



To elevate the well-being and comfort of individuals through
our innovative and technologically advanced
products. We are dedicated to delivering the Soothing
Haven experience, promoting relaxation, stress relief,
and rejuvenation right in the comfort of their own


To revolutionize the way people experience relaxation
and wellness through our dedication to continuous
improvement, unrivaled innovation, and unwavering
customer satisfaction, immersing themselves in the
comfort and tranquility that our products offer.